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Hindustani Vocal for Children 100B


The student has completed HV100A at the academy OR 

The child has learnt music,  sings seven Shuddh Swaras in Swar and Aakar. The child is able to sing repetitive Alankar patterns and simple Alankar patterns (in rhythms of 2 and 3). The child is able to sing a prayer and a Hindi song(non film) in Sur and Taal. The admission in this case would be done as per the advise of experts at the academy. 

This course is best suited for children of 5 years to 9 years of age



This is the first of the courses designed to introduce young children to Hindustani Music. These courses provide a foundation for young children to enjoy and appreciate Indian music. The lessons introduce the children to the fundamentals of Hindustani music with an approach of generating curiosity and discovery. Introducing music early helps in the all-round development of the child. The concepts of Sur and Laya are weaved into interesting poetry and rhythm. This series of courses include songs from various genres like Nature poetry, Childrens' songs in simple Hindi, Prayers and verses, all leading to a discovery of Swaras, Raga and Taal.

Shuddh Swar Saptak is reinforced with the song Sa se Sawan. The child gets the exposure to singing with the Electronic Tanpura OR Tanpura app. There is emphasis on listenting to the Sur, matching ones voice to the reference Sur and singing. The Tanpura and Tabla descriptions are included with pictures.

This course further develops the idea of patternning with Swaras and creating new patterns in simple rhythm patterns. This course includes a Bengali song which is in the rhythm of three. The songs learnt include Sargam Taan