SANGAM Online Live 2020(tm)
Perform online in our Annual Global Meet.

Your date with the maestros.

On August 8 and 9, at SANGAM Online Live 2020(tm), comes your chance to interact live with our special guests for the event – singer composer Shreya Ghoshal, and sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee. It’s a rare chance. Because a powerful way to improve your musicality is to watch, listen to and interact with music maestros. Here is your chance to do all of these.

Our Annual Global Meet. In an online avatar this year.


SANGAM is the Annual Global Meet of Shankar Mahadevan Academy. It brings together students, teachers, staff and partner organisations of the Academy in one place to perform and bond over music. 

In August 2020, you’ll meet the online avatar of the event – SANGAM Online Live 2020(tm). This online concert will feature solo and group performances, live webinars, and an online riyaz session with Shankar Mahadevan. We will beam the entire event worldwide from our social media pages.

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